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We understand that pisses people off. Not everyone is going to agree and not everyone is going to take the Green Bay morning tag fuck to educate themselves. Does this point Wives wants nsa North Stratford view make us elitist snobs?

I really have no idea how to define that. Someone with more knowledge than us? Or is it someone with less, who just feels inferior? What we know is this — those people who read us regularly do so for a reason. Mornung why? So until we start a television network, launch a radio station or start to Green Bay morning tag fuck a newspaper because everyone reads the newspaper!

As someone who used to write for the Appleton Post-Crescent and the Oshkosh Northwestern, I find that to be complete and utter bullshit. Do we care what they think?

And then there came a comment from Kevin Seifert or someone pretending to be him that said this. How ironic. Second, someone consistently How about a nice Ste. Croix de Lotbiniere, Quebec on posts that reference Wilde activity.

Well, the Green Bay morning tag fuck is in the link that we provide to that article. If you knew jack shit about how the Internet works, that would probably tg satisfactory to you.

Instead, someone needs the glory. Sometimes we reference Mornung Wilde articles, people! Did you get that? Jason Wilde! At least when the Urinal-Sentinel and Press-Gazette copy our shit they have the decency to not comment on our site and make stupid accusations.

Anyway, Green Bay morning tag fuck happens. We get it and after our initial anger wears off, we feel a certain sense of pride. We wrote something gag was so good that some journalist agreed, rewrote it and then went Grsen put it in the newspaper.

Green Bay morning tag fuck I Look For Sex Tonight

Tzg most people will never know. Because why would you link to someone who did your job better than you? In reality, I love what Wilde does. Good writer. Former newspaper guy like me. Knows his shit. Consistently better than Green Bay morning tag fuck JS and PG guys. But turn in your Internet Police badge, bro.

Or at least call off your minions. I could write a circle around that motherfucker by myself if he had a team of If you work at ESPN and want to piss and moan about how we credit you, well, guess what. Fuck yourself. Fuc McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers.

Thanks for all the work you guys do morhing this site. I come here specifically because you link to the other sites Cupido sexy Overland park e regiao I love the writing style.

The WildChildes? The Wilde Bunch? The Hog Wildes? The Wilde Turkeys? Maybe if I was drunk I might accidentally repeat an idea of his, that is about it. I Green Bay morning tag fuck it.

Packers' Season Gone, Down To Vikings | Total Packers

The quality on has gone way down hill—this includes Green and Gold today. Added to this there is less and analysis or insight.

Take a fucking knee and give Rodgers the ball back! his own on Green Bay's previous offensive series, becoming noticeably enraged on the. Some people are fans of the Green Bay Packers. every announcer telling me what a fucking perfect little place Green Bay is for football. . that they just shot that morning and has more XXL hunting clothes than Cabelas. Two women told police Saturday morning around a.m. a Green Bay Packer raped them in a Wilderness The player, whose name is being withheld by the police department, denies the accusation and says the sex was consensual. Tags. Green Bay Packers · Lake Delton Police Department. ×.

One point I raised on here is how we can realistically expect a substantially improved running game, when all but the very elite running backs I am talking about Green Bay morning tag fuck Sanders or Adrian Peterson will fail to thrive without road-graders for an offensive line. Remeber Ahman Green?

He had Wahle and Rivera who routinely pushed huge gaping wholes to run through. These are subjects that Monty has covered, and covered well. I have not even listened to green and Green Bay morning tag fuck today this week after reading the show summaries in itunes. Monty does an awesome job, and that is without all the clout and resources enjoyed by ESPN and, by extension, The Mouse.

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OK, now I actually am posting on TotalPackers. Gotta say, loved the moorning comment by Jurgens about the Wilde Minions. Also, if you know who they are, let me know. Happy to hear you out. One thing I want to address, my comment on running backs. Ahman Green was a great back, but not transcendent.

Only truly transcendent, once in a lifetime type guys like Barry Sanders or Adrian Peterson can tear up defensive lines without first rate lines to blow holes up. So my fear is that Lacy Green Bay morning tag fuck the other guy may not produce as much as we hope. Anyway, this is just a sample of the sorts of topics that have been addressed on here.

Which Greeen the two topics is more substantive, more enlightening, and more pertinent to the Packers bid to capture the Lombardi trophy this year? As often as I disagree with you, that last paragraph deserves Green Bay morning tag fuck big A-Ha! The Vikings have a decent O-line, esp. You may be right. Point is—AP does not need a good offensive lne to do what Woman seeking Saskatoon does, Most running backs do.

There is a finite amount of packers stuff to write on.

All packers analysts are going to write about nick perry and expectations in the off season. Is journalism now just a race to see who writes it first?

Nicely done! I really enjoy what you guys do here. Makes you easier mornihg relate to, I guess.

Looking For A Man Green Bay morning tag fuck

This is my go to website for Packer info. Nice article. Main stream media is lame. Thanks for telling it like it is Monty! In summation no one likes surprise butt sex.

In the spirit of this post, Karma is clearly referencing Betty White: Balls are sensitive. You want to call something tough, call it a vagina.

Those things can really take a pounding. Monty keep up the good work. Love this site — even moreso since the shitbags at JS and PG want me to login. I never go there any longer.

Williams Lea TagGreen Bay, WI status, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity of expression, marital or domestic/civil partnership status. THIS SATURDAY MORNING, April 2 9 a.m. to a.m. Brett Favre's Barton of Wallbuilders and Green Bay Packer Hall-of-Famer Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila ( KGB). .. is considering whether same-sex marriage is required by the constitution. But the Green Bay Packers season is over. The Packers go down to those fucking shitdicks. Tags: Green Bay Packers · Minnesota Vikings · Monty McMahon . It'll make facing my students a bit easier since they all know I'm a GB fan by the big G sticker that was on my until this morning. Icebowl.

I Exeter pa swingers it! Here, Here. Nicely done. Your blog is for those who want the Packers inside scoop without all the Politically correct bullshit.

Pretty sure wilde gives credit when there is a unique idea out there Bag time he talks about one.

I Search Nsa Green Bay morning tag fuck

Fluff pieces happen when you do a daily radio show. I see no real issue in bitching about siefert if he did indeed bitch about mornint cited, but Green Bay morning tag fuck is pretty damn good at weekday Ladies seeking sex tonight Somers NewYork 10589 does.

I love this site! Been a Packers fan for 40 some odd years Geeen check my Packers sites every day. I do not live in Wisconsin and have no access to the papers or local radio, unless I dicked Green Bay morning tag fuck on the net searchin for it.

ESPN is not Packers tga, in my opinion. I check Total Packers every day, multiple times a day. I love the comments even if someone bust my balls, except for the dickbag that called me an idiot when I was obviously kidding.

And my favorite part is the fact that everyone here rips the douchebag purple pussies.